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            2. TTCriders is a grassroots transit advocacy organization that gives TTC riders a voice.

              Public transit is a right. TTCriders organizes transit users to take collective action for better transit. We campaign for fully accessible, frequent, dignified public transit that connects all Toronto neighbourhoods. Join us!

              Frequent service and affordable fares will win back transit users and ensure a fair pandemic recovery. That’s why TTCriders wants to fix the transit funding model and win stable transit operations funding from all levels of government.??

              Public transit is a climate solution. When transit is frequent, reliable, and affordable, more people will use it and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

              Take Action

              Keep Scarborough Connected!

              Keep Scarborough Connected!

              Tell Scarborough politicians to transform the decommissioned Line 3 RT corridor into a rapid busway with green public space for walking and cycling!

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              Transform the TTC!

              Ask the TTC to win back riders with lower fares and better service as they create a 5-Year Fare Plan

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              Free GO-TTC Transfers

              Free GO-TTC Transfers

              Ask provincial party leaders to end double fares in Toronto

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